What People Say

“Being able to practice on the course with other experienced people, expands my “Toolkit”

BO, Cork, Southern Ireland, Advanced IEMT Practitioner Training

“I highly recommend Joanna’s teaching abilities, knowledge and very relaxed style. The course was very well taught and the material excellent. IEMT is very powerful and brings change around so quickly and effectively.”


” Expanded my understanding and practice of IEMT”

MH, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Advanced IEMT Practitioner

“Joanna is a very inspiring and passionate trainer. I feel very confident in her knowledge of the subject and know I will be able to receive the answer to any questions I may have. I found the models for working with PTSD especially useful.”

AT Newhaven - NLP Master Practitioner, IEMT Training

“Enabling me to work for myself, have a job I’m passionate about”

LP, Tonbridge, Kent, Coaching

“Jo explained everything and was very thorough. I found learning about communications tools and limiting beliefs relevant to my work, all of it was interesting and useful.”

CG - CEO Littlehampton West Sussex

“Combat PTS with Practice and how I wished I had this last 2 years”

CK, Wakefield, Yorkshire, Advanced IEMT Practitioner

“I found the NLP Diploma to be beneficial to learning about myself and it has given me tools to immediately use at work.”

WR - Support Worker NLP Diploma, NLP Diploma Training

“I found NLP invaluable in my recent role as a Town Councillor. Understanding the meta programs , sub-mods etc of others on various committees and pressure groups allowed me to respond in ways which they could acknowledge and relate to and greatly improved my communication and rapport”

CW - Town Councillor, Seaford, East Sussex, NLP Master Practitioner

“A well designed course, that helps in everyday situations and for your own self development. As well as how to work with others.”

FP - Support Worker NLP Diploma

“Joanna, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from your NLP Group Session last week. You have a really different and valuable tool to explore the fundamental ‘Where am I going and how do I get there?'”

RH Eastbourne, Company Director

“It was great to be around other coaches with so much experience! I can also see how this can help me help others”

CO, Brighton, East Sussex, Advanced IEMT Practitioner

“Coaching models provided helpful framework and perceptional position has been useful, I will integrate my learning into everything I do”

DB, Seaford, East Sussex, Coaching

“Joanna showed congruence and integrity throughout the course and took a warm, supportive approach. She clearly demonstrated her excellent knowledge base!”

NLP Master Trainer, MC, Sussex, IEMT Practitioner Training

“The practitioner training has integrated with my other existing language and NLP skills, and I especially enjoyed the work we did on identity”

NLP Trainer, MJ, Surrey, IEMT Practitioner Training

“Within my practice I hope to test IEMT out with my clients who regularly relapse and wish to try something new. Joanna had a great mix of topics and pace, she was great at reacting to the energy levels in class and switching up the pace when necessary.”

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, MS, Worthing, IEMT Practitioner Training

“The training course exceeded my expectations, I expected we’d work on the ‘eye wiggling’ technique, but we covered so much more! I’d encourage anyone thinking about signing up to go for it!”

Manager and NLP practitioner, GCW,, IEMT Practitioner Training

“I will absolutely be recommending Joanna after experiencing her IEMT course, and I also met some lovely people while there!”

Expert Trainer, Dr. DH, London, IEMT Practitioner Training

“Jo is knowledgeable and presents subject matter in bite size manageable chapters – mindful of the breadth of experience within the group, Great fun”

AY, London,Core Transformation

“This will give me more tools to support my clients, Joanna is an expert in her field and is an excellent trainer. Her knowledge and experience came through throughout the training”

LR, Vancouver, Canada, Advanced IEMT Practitioner

“Training as an NLP practitioner has given me the ability to make clearer, more positive choices and to listen to people more carefully. After the course my husband mentioned to me that he’s noticed I’m more calm and have gained self-confidence”

GCW, Manager, Seaford, NLP Practitioner Training

“My training has given me more insight into dealing with my own issues, and I’m more grounded and calm for taking the course. Just do it, you will be amazed how much it opens your eyes to everything around you!”

SRF, Local Authority Officer, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“I would recommend Joanna to anyone interested in this field. This was my first ever workshop and it blew my mind and makes me excited to continue on this journey”

LA, London, Core Transformation

“I’m using NLP Language at home with the family and have more awareness of managing my own states with much clearer coaching at work”

SW Family Coach, Tunbridge Wells, NLP Practitioner training

“I feel I have become more adapted and focused on how I receive information and how I allow it to shape my beliefs. The course has helped me to listen to myself and others far more! I’ve been using NLP when treating my clients during their massage sessions”

AD, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“Professionally I’ve changed in the way I design and deliver staff training. It’s cleaner, clearer with big language shifts. I’m looking forward to both personal and business growth development”

KP Childcare Managing Director, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“NLP Practitioner gave me a bigger awareness of how to help myself and others in empowerment. I’m excited where it will lead me”

SF Therapist, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“Jo, I just wanted to say Thank You for your support and patience over the last 2 years. You are AMAZING!!!”

SG Manchester, NLP Master Practitioner

“I really get it, I feel confident and I can see how I will use it. It will develop the work I do with my leaders and teams adding value”

KP, Eastbourne, Certified Coach Training

“On a personal level the benefits were learning about different coaching Frameworks and how to blend NLP with them. It will help me on a personal level with my goal setting and with my career by giving me more tools”

PS, Surrey, Certified Coach Training

“Joanna provides a very safe pair of hands as a Trainer of this Deep Transformational work”

HL - London, Core Transformation

” Joanna’s style of training is excellent, really easy to digest. This is my third course I have completed with Joanna and I have others booked. Joanna is super friendly and compassionate –  she is also an excellent therapist. The choice of venues have been superb”

LH - Exeter, Core Transformation

“The Core Transformation was a lovely, deeply transformational training. Joanna was very gentle and caring, driving the process. I have enjoyed it very much and it has definitely made me realise I have more work to on myself”

PS - Guildford, Core Transformation

“I love the clarity and fun in Joanna’s trainings. I love the way that really deep material is learned and practiced in a way that is full of ease and doesn’t feel like work at all so that it sinks straight in. I love the time and respect we are given, to turn each crucial step into life-changing habit and how the training is so well designed, so that each next step builds perfectly on the last. My first reaction to any day of study with Joanna Harper is “I had a really brilliant day!” My second reaction: “We really learned that much!?!” To me there is no surprise at all that Joanna Harper is an award winning trainer, recognised above her peers and I am so glad to have ended up learning from one of the best. Totally recommended.” CW

CW Seaford, Author, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

“Life changing course…..all you need is an open mind and some curiosity. Joanna creates a lovely, safe and inspiring space for all students and is a fabulous teacher”

JS, Horsham, West Sussex, Core Transformation

“Core Transformation may sound like the unknown, but I suggest you go with whatever happens and be open and enjoy the journey”

AV, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Core Transformation

“The course was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. It has taken my skills to a whole new level! ZC Eastbourne, East Sussex

Accredited Coaching Training course, ZC Teacher, Eastbourne, East Sussex

“The course has been so powerful in providing me with a clear vision and sense of purpose for my future career in Coaching and NLP. This course has had an immediate impact.” MT Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Coaching Training Course, MT Sales Manager Eastbourne, East Sussex

“I’m grateful beyond words. A gift that truly keeps giving. So happy to have bumped into you along the way.” HM, London

Core Transformation Training, HM London, UK

‘I think the trainers were kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, patient and inspiring. The whole thing was an incredible surprise and has totally changed my life. Also the friends I made on the course (which was everyone) were the group of kindest people I’ve met so far’

E S - Hastings - NLP Practitioner

I’ve found the course absolutely fantastic. It definitely challenged me and put me in a more resourceful state as a person and a practitioner. I also feel that I have the tools now to embrace my joinery as a practitioner and am very excited to help people to also be more resourceful and reach themselves. I believe everyone would benefit from NLP, thank you. I feel so grateful to have come across this wonderful range of tools and techniques’

M G H - Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner

‘Joanna has been an inspiration to the point that I now have real purpose and have begun to connect with the person I am and want to be. The training has changed me significantly both privately and in my work life. NLP in the way that Joanna teaches really does provide personal choice hope and freedom’

M T - Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner

‘I have known about NLP since the late 1990s and knew that I wanted to study it at some point. The stars aligned and I contacted Joanna who I knew was the right trainer for me. Her heart centred and ethical approach matched my own values and her training style has been wonderful. I would recommend Joanna and Integrate training to anyone considering training in NLP’

Z C - Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner

‘Validating, compassionate, patient, congruent, expert training. So brilliantly done, with so much sense of fun and safety, that’s it’s marvellous to look back and realise how much I learned. This has flown by. Thank you’

C W - Seaford, NLP Practitioner

‘Joanna is a fantastic trainer. Her style is warm and engaging and there was never an occasion when I didn’t feel able to ask (sometimes a problem for me!)’

J C - Bexhill, East Sussex, NLP Practitioner

“Personally and professionally I have gained a vast understanding of where I am and who I am, where I am coming from and where I am going in a resourceful way, and this has extrapolated to everything and everyone around me”

M G-H PHD - Fitness Instructor, Madrid, Spain. NLP Master Practitioner

“NLP has changed my life and with it my whole approach to sales leadership. I have learned how to communicate all over again and the skills and behaviours I have learned have transformed my coaching style. My vision and purpose to help people be the best they can be has never shone so brightly. Thank you Joanna, thank you NLP # HOPE, CHOICE, FREEDOM”

MT - Business Leader, Eastbourne, East Sussex, Master NLP Practitioner

Self Confidence, the ability to communicate and build stronger relationships. I have a deeper level of confidence and ability in my NLP knowledge.

CH - Coach and Trainer, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Master NLP Practitioner

“This has strengthened my knowledge of techniques a lot!, plus the depth of learning and reading and breadth of topics eg Micro expressions. Personally more emotionally grounded understanding of my time based techniques and making it more resourceful. It gives me a range of new tools to use with clients and my-self – giving me the ability to have greater impact”

J O - Executive Coach, London, NLP Master Practitioner

“This has embedded my knowledge more deeply, developed further skills and tools to a masterful level”

C O - Environment Activist, Brighton, East Sussex, NLP Master Practitioner

“Enriched my NLP knowledge, understanding and developed my practical abilities. Increased my self- esteem and confidence.

G C-W, Local Government Manager, Seaford, East Sussex, NLP Master Practitioner

‘This has been the BEST investment in my personal and professional development I’ve done in the past 20 years, loved how many exercises we had opportunity to practice’

AV - Coach, Bournemouth, IEMT Practitioner

‘Being able to offer some clients to work on their problem content free’

AG - Psychotherapist, Heathfield, East Sussex, IEMT Practitioner Refresher

‘Loved coming back as a refresher as gave added weight to the knowledge and learning’

SRF - NLP Practitioner and Therapist, Eastbourne, East Sussex, IEMT Practitioner Refresher

‘Learning IEMT with Joanna is a beautiful experience, effective, fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Joanna shares experiences and enabling most effective learning’

DC - m BIT Trainer and Master Coach, London, IEMT Practitioner

‘Great Course, Great teacher, Great content’

ED - EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Brighton, East Sussex, IEMT Practitioner Refresher

‘For me really ground breaking. The opportunity to learn and practice in a safe environment was so valuable’

KC - Civil Servant, London, Coaching

‘Great course, Great teacher!’

E D - IEMT Practitioner, Brighton, East Sussex, Coaching

‘Thank you Joanna. The course has been so useful & insightful both personally & professionally, what a fabulous group and teacher’

J F - Procurement Specialist, Horsham, West Sussex, Coaching

‘Another wonderful training course run by Joanna Harper that has changed my life personally and professionally. Joanna is not only the most amazing teacher I know but also a wonderful human. I can’t recommend the course or any of the other she runs highly enough. Thank you so much for everything’

M G-H -Phd, Yoga Teacher, Madrid, Spain, Coaching

‘This is a very special, holistic approach to coaching which enables you to blend it with all my other skills’

G C-W - Local Government Manager, Near Eastbourne, East Sussex, Coaching

“The course has reignited my love for NLP. Your teaching is very deep, in a gentle way, comprehensive and multi-dimensional. You asked about the difference between your course and what I had done previously. One difference I see with you and the practitioners you’ve trained is much greater flexibility, ease and confidence in blending techniques, as well as the focus on time-based techniques and coaching at a deeper level.” JO London

JO London NLP Trainer, Your Content Goes Here

” …..Clearer understanding of methodology and how to apply…… throughly enjoyable, thought provoking and lots to reflect on”

KC - Civil Servant, London, NLP Diploma

‘Training with Joanna is a true blessing. She’s kind, patient, helpful and lovely. Couldn’t ask for anyone better’

ES - Student, Hastings, NLP Diploma

“I’m looking at my day to day life in a much more positive way”

CH - Swimming Teacher, Epsom, Surrey

The benefits I experienced “personal development, identifying areas for improvement, skills and techniques to start practicing”

JS - HR Manager, Horsham, NLP Diploma

“Benefits included some increased insight into myself! Ideas on moving both personally and professionally”

AR - Physiotherapist, Eastbourne, NLP Diploma

“Eye opening and motivational course – which has inspired me towards change in my personal and professional life”

J H - Brighton, NLP Diploma

“I have learnt so much about myself and how to help myself and others”

A L - Eastbourne, NLP Diploma

“Seeing how NLP fits with what I’m learning about dementia communication”

D B - Seaford, Discovery Day

” Clear and valuable information, clarity with NLP”

L B - Tonbridge, Kent, Discovery Day

“Day 1 and already had a shift in limiting beliefs”

A L - Eastbourne, Discovery Day

“how to communicate better with colleagues”

C R - Birmingham, Discovery Day