NLP Coaching Discovery Day – Eastbourne

JOIN US FOR NLP COACHING DISCOVERY DAY IN EASTBOURNE  NLP – It could just change your life! This can be more than just a training course, a transformation is possible too. You can read what other participants have said on our testimonials page on our website and read our reviews section on Facebook page too. [...]

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NL Play with Joanna Harper

Enter into children’s play and you will find the place where their minds, hearts and souls meet.” Virginia Axline And we were all children once....... How to look at NLP from a different perspective and potentially incorporate a more playful way of being with clients. Let’s put the FUN into NLP FUN-damentals!  This is an [...]

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NL PLay Presentation Preview

Joanna is sharing a preview of her presentation NL Play which she will be presentating at The NLP Conference in May. 'Let’s put FUN into NLP FUN-damentals! This is an interactive, playful and experiential session for developing NLP and Coaching skills, concepts and techniques to empower and support children through challenges, relationships and learning in [...]

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NLP in Education and Learning

In January 2018 I attended the NLP Leadership Summit in Alicante, Spain. For 3 days Leaders and Professionals from the NLP Community, met, talked, debated and discussed all things NLP. During the Summit I discussed the topic of NLP in Education with many of my NLP colleagues and connected with Terry McClendon (author of The [...]

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