For those of you who missed my recent Chance to Trance Workshop at the Well Being Centre – here are some relaxation tips.


Mindful Meditation Moments                                             


The benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation are becoming increasingly known and researched. Regular Mindfulness Meditation can quiet and still a busy mind, creating distance from any negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.


Find a quiet place to sit or to lie down.


Settle yourself with both feet placed on the floor in a sitting position. In the lying position, lie on your back, with your feet apart, arms by your sides, palms facing upwards, allow your feet to turn naturally outwards. You may wish to place a rolled up hand towel under your neck, and a folded hand towel under your lower back to support the natural curves of your spine. Make yourself comfortable and feel supported by your chair or mat. Place your hands lightly on your abdomen.


Soften your focus or close your eyes. Start to turn your thoughts inwards, just noticing your breathing. Begin with the positive intention to spend some time being still. Maybe just for two minutes if you are new to Mindful Meditation.


Breath In, right down into your lower abdomen and feel your abdomen rise. Breath Out and feel your abdomen fall.   Continue for several cycles of breath, at your natural pace, then start to slow your breathing right down.   As your breathing slows, slow your thoughts down too. Noticing them and then letting them go. Repeat for a few more cycles of breath softening your lower belly on your In breath, then pulling your navel in towards your spine, on your Out Breath.


Breath In – abdomen rises – Breath Out pull your navel in towards your spine. Repeat several times. Then return to breathing naturally.


Notice the speed and nature of your thoughts. Allow each thought to drift away as you focus for a few minutes on noticing your breathing.


As you progress, may wish to continue to focus on your breathing for a few cycles, then move focus on the space between your eyes, again just letting any busy thoughts drift away.


You may like to hold an object such as a stone, a pine-cone or crystal in your hands, each time you notice a busy thought, return your concentration to your held object.   Softly focusing your eyes on a candle flame is also a pleasant way to practise mindfulness.


On your In Breath silently say, slowly and calmly “I am ” on your Out Breath say slowly and calmly, “Still”. Repeating with each breath for a few cycles.


You can breathe mindfully for a few moments whilst you are out and about, at your desk, in a queue, in a park or at the beach. Anywhere that pleases you.


Relax and enjoy!

~ Joanna

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