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Train and Visit Eastbourne, East Sussex

Many people visit Eastbourne to train at Integrate Training in IEMT and NLP by the sea, Mindfulness and Coaching too. Eastbourne has recently been the backdrop to the ITV drama Flesh and Blood.  The scenery has sparked a lot of comments on how beautiful Eastbourne and the surrounding East Sussex countryside is. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2020-02-26/flesh-and-blood-location-guide/ [...]

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Special Intensive IEMT Training Course

Due to a special request, we have organised a special October Intensive IEMT Training to facilitate course participants travelling from other continents, and invite you to join this group on an IEMT Intensive Training in Eastbourne. “Creating Change in the Blink of an Eye” Would you like to add something innovative to your skillset? Integral [...]

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NLP in Education and Learning

In January 2018 I attended the NLP Leadership Summit in Alicante, Spain. For 3 days Leaders and Professionals from the NLP Community, met, talked, debated and discussed all things NLP. During the Summit I discussed the topic of NLP in Education with many of my NLP colleagues and connected with Terry McClendon (author of The [...]

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NLP in Kenya

Friends of Mombasa Children ~ Joanna Harper   For a number of years I’ve been a volunteer working with and supporting a UK based charity that helps street children and children from very poor families living in a slum area of Mombasa, Kenya. Friends of Mombasa Children. (FOMC) You may not know, but that in [...]

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GDPR Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy At Integrate Training, we’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This Policy explains when and why we collect personal information about people who visit our website and use our services, how we use and keep it secure. We may change this Policy from time to time so please check this page occasionally [...]

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NLP Kenya 2018 Training

NLP Diploma Training for Unity School Teachers and Educators I returned to Africa in January 2018 to continue what I started in January 2017. Following on from an introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Unity School in January 2017.  The Teachers, visiting Trustees and Management Team at Unity School all took part in the [...]

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Friends of Mombasa Children and NLP: Kenya, 2017 visit interview with Joanna Harper

Friends of Mombassa Children's Charity description from website www.mombasachildren.org.uk   “We work with a fantastic group of children. Being born in a slum does not mean you cannot learn or successfully pass examinations. It does not mean that you cannot grow up contributing to society and making life better for others. We believe that these [...]

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Mindful Meditation Moments

For those of you who missed my recent Chance to Trance Workshop at the Well Being Centre - here are some relaxation tips.   Mindful Meditation Moments                                                The benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation are becoming increasingly known and researched. Regular Mindfulness Meditation can quiet and still a busy mind, creating distance from any [...]

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