Setting SMART Goals For 2018


As we enter 2018, it’s a good time to take stock of the year that has gone by and to also think about the year ahead and in particular about our businesses. It’s an appropriate time to ask yourself, “Where is my business going?”


Time Travel Into The Future


I like to take the analogy of ‘time travel’ and think about Dr Who. Let’s zoom forward to this time next year and ask yourself, “What do I want to have achieved?” Look out from the TARDIS and imagine what your business will look and feel like in 12 months time.


  • Will it look exactly the same?
  • Will you have made changes?
  • Is there one thing you would really like to change?
  • What can be developed and improved?
  • Can the business run without you?
  • Are your happy?


Applying NLP To SMART Goals


In my role as a NLP instructor, I like to apply NLP to SMART goals. Of course, SMART goals are not NLP but NLP can be applied to SMART goals. SMART is an acronym and I actually expand on it:


S – Specific and Simple

M – Measurable and Meaningful

A – Achievable and As If Now

R – Realistic and Responsible

T – Timed and Toward


So, what SPECIFIC goal are you setting? The key to success is to make it SIMPLE. Take easy steps to achieve your goal.


How do we know that we have achieved it? How can success be MEASURED? Does our business fulfil us, what is it giving us? Within every individual business, there is always a lot to do and here it’s important to use the skills of others so that it becomes MEANINGFUL.


Is your goal ACHIEVABLE now and is it realistic? Think about this as though it’s current and in real time, AS IF NOW.


Is your goal REALISTIC? Have you asked other people and have you taken a moment to look at it through other people’s eyes? Are you being RESPONSIBLE with the resources that you have at your disposal?


Make sure it is TIMED and set a date when your goals have to be achieved by. Work TOWARDS it by making it tantalising and meaningful. The carrot that is dangling in front of you should be very juicy and tasty.


Look forwards and think about:

  • Will your business have grown?
  • What will be the outcome if you miss your targets and goals?
  • What steps do you need to take to be where you want to be?


So how will you know that you have achieved your goal? Do you have a point of evidence that your goal has been reached?


Write it down:


Today, and add the date, I have achieved my goal and I know this to be true because of the following. This needs to be signed as it proves that you have made a contract with yourself.


If you are still struggling, consider if the beliefs that you have about yourself are holding you back. If you are running a business, it’s imperative that you are not thinking that you are a poor businessperson. Try to think what the ripple effect would be if you saw yourself as a very good businessperson.


Have You Made the Right Choice?


I’ll finish with reiterating about making the right choice and really examine that what you are doing now is what you want to be doing in a year’s time.


What To Do Next


If you feel a NLP Practitioner training course could help you acquire the skills to achieve your SMART goals, please get in touch with Joanna on 07778 251122 to find out which course or courses would be of most benefit to you. In a year’s time, your business could be looking very different to what it is looking like now!