What People Say

“The training has given me another layer of experience and understanding of how people operate. I will be reccommending the course to my friends and colleagues, thank you Jo!”

NLP Master Practitioner, SM, Crowborough, IEMT Practitioner Training

“I highly recommend Joanna’s teaching abilities, knowledge and very relaxed style. The course was very well taught and the material excellent. IEMT is very powerful and brings change around so quickly and effectively.”


“A good refresher, well paced. Very good!”

SB - NLP Master Practitioner Eastbourne, NLP Refresher

“Joanna is a very inspiring and passionate trainer. I feel very confident in her knowledge of the subject and know I will be able to receive the answer to any questions I may have. I found the models for working with PTSD especially useful.”

AT Newhaven - NLP Master Practitioner, IEMT Training

“This course is inspiring. I have learnt so much in a relatively short time and leave feeling confident to use the new skill set straight away. Joanna is so knowledgable and professional. I received feedback from Jo personally to enable me to develop my technique effectively. Loved it!”

CH - Life and Laughter Coach, IEMT Practitioner Training

“Jo explained everything and was very thorough. I found learning about communications tools and limiting beliefs relevant to my work, all of it was interesting and useful.”

CG - CEO Littlehampton West Sussex

“All the content is useful and relevant to my work. Very effective and integrated training.”

GCW - Manager Seaford - NLP Diploma

“I found the NLP Diploma to be beneficial to learning about myself and it has given me tools to immediately use at work.”

WR - Support Worker NLP Diploma, NLP Diploma Training

“The weekend NLP Workshop was SO BRILLIANT! I felt really excited when I heard you were doing it (because of the training that I’ve done with you before) and I was impressed EVEN MORE by your NLP expertise and the numerous clinic examples which you drew upon that made the training so interesting and relevant. I’m so grateful for your generosity in imparting techniques that are real gems that I can incorporate into my practice straight away! Thank you!”


“A well designed course, that helps in everyday situations and for your own self development. As well as how to work with others.”

FP - Support Worker NLP Diploma

“Joanna, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from your NLP Group Session last week. You have a really different and valuable tool to explore the fundamental ‘Where am I going and and how do I get there?'”

RH Eastbourne, Company Director

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from IEMT training, but it’s really opened my eyes (no pun intended)! I anticipate that the course will help me to guide my clients in processing and changing their emotions greatly.”

NLP trainer, JC, Milton Keynes, IEMT Practitioner Training

“Joanna’s course ticked all the boxes for me, and I found that her personal annecdotes about individual clients’ experiences added to my knowledge base. Jo trains from personal experience and walks her talk!”

NLP trainer, PF, Hastings, IEMT Practitioner Training

“Joanna showed congruence and integrity throughout the course and took a warm, supportive approach. She clearly demonstrated her excellent knowledge base!”

NLP Master Trainer, MC, Sussex, IEMT Practitioner Training

“The practitioner training has intergrated with my other existing language and NLP skills, and I especially enjoyed the work we did on identity”

NLP Trainer, MJ, Surrey, IEMT Practitioner Training

“Within my practice I hope to test IEMT out with my clients who regularly relapse and wish to try something new. Joanna had a great mix of topics and pace, she was great at reacting to the energy levels in class and switching up the pace when neccessary.”

Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, MS, Worthing, IEMT Practitioner Training

“The training course exceeded my expectations, I expected we’d work on the ‘eye wiggling’ technique, but we covered so much more! I’d encourage anyone thinking about signing up to go for it!”

Manager and NLP practitioner, GCW,, IEMT Practitioner Training

“I will absoloutely be reccommending Joanna after experiencing her IEMT course, and I also met some lovely people while there!”

Expert Trainer, Dr. DH, London, IEMT Practitioner Training

“By far the most significant professional development I gained from the training was the usefulness and accessability of IEMT skills, and I plan to use it more within my practice”

Psychotherapist and EMDR clinician, EP, Brighton, IEMT Practitioner Training

“Just about the best value course I have done! I found Joanna’s course NLP & Coaching weekend very useful and informative. I now have lots of ‘tools’ to use in my practice, to engage more with hard to reach clients and to market my business more effectively. Jo’s anecdotes made it very real and interesting.  I came away buzzing with ideas – brilliant! Exceeded my expectations!”


“Training as an NLP practitioner has given me the ability to make clearer, more positive choices and to listen to people more carefully. After the course my husband mentioned to me that he’s noticed I’m more calm and have gained self-confidence”

GCW, Manager, Seaford, NLP Practitioner Training

“My training has given me more insight into dealing with my own issues, and I’m more grounded and calm for taking the course. Just do it, you will be amazed how much it opens your eyes to everything around you!”

SRF, Local Authority Officer, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“The training has given me motivation, self belief and confidence, and I found it very empowering. I am now applying NLP accross all areas of my personal life, and I frequenly use techniques to maintain emotional balance at work. My husband of 30 years told me this Christmas that I’m 10 times the woman he married after becoming an NLP Practitioner!”

FP, Support Worker, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“I’m using NLP Language at home with the family and have more awareness of managing my own states with much clearer coaching at work”

SW Family Coach, Tunbridge Wells, NLP Practitioner training

“I feel I have become more adapted and focused on how I receive information and how I allow it to shape my beliefs. The course has helped me to listen to myself and others far more! I’ve been using NLP when treating my clients during their massage sessions”

AD, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“Professionally I’ve changed in the way I design and deliver staff training. It’s cleaner, clearer with big language shifts. I’m looking forward to both personal and business growth development”

KP Childcare Managing Director, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“NLP Practitioner gave me a bigger awareness of how to help myself and others in empowerment. I’m excited where it will lead me”

SF Therapist, Eastbourne, NLP Practitioner Training

“Jo, I just wanted to say Thank You for your support and patience over the last 2 years. You are AMAZING!!!”

SG Manchester, NLP Master Practitioner

“I really get it, I feel confident and I can see how I will use it. It will develop the work I do with my leaders and teams adding value”

KP, Eastbourne, Certified Coach Training

“On a personal level the benefits were learning about different coaching Frameworks and how to blend NLP with them. It will help me on a personal level with my goal setting and with my career by giving me more tools”

PS, Surrey, Certified Coach Training

“Joanna provides a very safe pair of hands as a Trainer of this Deep Transformational work”

HL - London, Core Transformation

” Joanna’s style of training is excellent, really easy to digest. This is my third course I have completed with Joanna and I have others booked. Joanna is super friendly and compassionate –  she is also an excellent therapist. The choice of venues have been superb”

LH - Exeter, Core Transformation

“The Core Transformation was a lovely, deeply transformational training. Joanna was very gentle and caring, driving the process. I have enjoyed it very much and it has definitely made me realise I have more work to on myself”

PS - Guildford, Core Transformation

“I love the clarity and fun in Joanna’s trainings. I love the way that really deep material is learned and practiced in a way that is full of ease and doesn’t feel like work at all so that it sinks straight in. I love the time and respect we are given, to turn each crucial step into life-changing habit and how the training is so well designed, so that each next step builds perfectly on the last. My first reaction to any day of study with Joanna Harper is “I had a really brilliant day!” My second reaction: “We really learned that much!?!” To me there is no surprise at all that Joanna Harper is an award winning trainer, recognised above her peers and I am so glad to have ended up learning from one of the best. Totally recommended.” CW

CW Seaford, Author, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

“I found this course to enhance my existing skills and gained more information on Coaching than I anticipated. I am really pleased I attended this training. I would recommend Joanna. It will impact my clients positively. Exceeded expectations.” GP Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

Certified Coach Training Sussex, GP Peterborough

“This course met all of my expectations and more. It gave me a framework, perspective, and possibilities. The training will colour a lot of my life and career positively.” CW Seaford, East Sussex

Accredited Coach Training, CW New Leaf Seaford

“The course was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. It has taken my skills to a whole new level! ZC Eastbourne, East Sussex

Accredited Coaching Training course, ZC Teacher, Eastbourne, East Sussex

“The course has been so powerful in providing me with a clear vision and sense of purpose for my future career in Coaching and NLP. This course has had an immediate impact.” MT Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Coaching Training Course, MT Sales Manager Eastbourne, East Sussex

“I’m grateful beyond words. A gift that truly keeps giving. So happy to have bumped into you along the way.” HM, London

Core Transformation Training, HM London, UK